Why you shouldn’t DIY Dermaplane

Dermaplaning at home is completely different than seeing a professional and receiving a dermaplaning facial.

Dermaplaning at home for $5 sounds like a great idea and you definitely can remove some facial hair, but you are not recieving the same exfoliating benefits by using a simple razor.

A licensed professional is using a medical surgical grade scalpel that’s removing layers of dead skin along with facial hair. Giving you better, deeper, and faster results than you would give yourself at home.

Professional dermaplaning is stimulating the skin, amping up cells, and boosting collagen production and elasticity.

DIY dermaplaning can leave your skin feeling dry, flakey, and feeling “just shaved”, as you are not using the same tool as a professional at home. This can also cause irritation and breakouts as the razors tend to dull extremely quickly.

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