What is Cupping and how does it work?

Cupping Therapy is one of the oldest healing modalities in history, dating back 1000’s of years. This therapy is still used today, and with good reason. It works and is a superior treatment for many of the body’s ailments.

Cupping uses negative pressure, or suction, to draw skin and connective tissue upward. This pull allows for the separation of adhered tissue and muscle fiber.

Cupping therapy has a powerful effect on blood, lymph, and interstitial fluid (the solution that bathes and surrounds our cells). The cup’s vacuum effect can draw out debris trapped in soft tissue, like lactic acid and old blood deposits from injury or surgery.

This cellular waste is brought to the surface (sometimes in the form of a discoloration) for the lymphatic system to dispose of.

Vascular dilation (the widening of blood vessels) takes place with cupping and allows a rush of fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow into the troubled, dehydrated or malnourished muscles and surrounding areas.

Now the body can facilitate the healing it was designed for, without the constant burden of trying to heal around unwanted stagnant waste and debris.

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