What does cupping feel like?

People describe the feeling of cupping ranging from soft and soothing, to stimulating and invigorating. From energizing, warming, and tingling, to feeling like a deep tissue massage. Every individual experiences their own sensations based on your underlying issues.

People can feel itchy afterwards, due to the increase in circulation and release of embedded inflammation. Others feel like they can finally stand up straight with shoulders down and breathe deeply. Most feel intense relaxation and pain relief that can last long after treatment.

Cupping, like any other properly applied treatment, need not be painful or scary to be effective. Most people who experience cupping are pleasantly surprised by how good the sensation of the vacuum effect feels drawing that tissue upward, vs. the feeling of compression, that you experience with massage therapy.

Cupping can also be a truly indescribable feeling, but no matter how you choose to describe it, cupping should never hurt. Even strong suction should not be painful when applied correctly.

Please always use caution when choosing a practitioner of Cupping Therapies. Those who do not carry the experience and knowledge of this modality can cause more harm than good, like any other treatment not properly applied.

Cupping works to unblock anything obstructing the continuous fluidity of the energy we need to live. Anything too intense or aggressive can harm this balance.Cups should feel good; if they don’t, they should be readjusted until they do.

Cupping is not a one size fits all treatment. Careful consideration should be taken by the practitioner for each individual body and current level of health. Sometimes gentle stimulation is all you need. Other times we go deep.

Please call The Massage Room to speak with Heather for any questions or concerns regarding Cupping and Massage Cupping treatments.

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