Vacuum Therapy Lymphatic Drainage

70% of the lymphatic system lies superficially, just under the surface of the skin. So if too much pressure is applied you can collapse the wall of the vessel and diminish the flow of lymph. This is what makes vacuum therapy an outstanding method for draining lymph manually.

Lymphatic drainage at The Massage Room involves the use of the modern cupping technology of vacuum therapy, also known as Medicupping. This advanced bodywork machine creates a consistent pumping, which mimics the natural rhythm of the lymphatic system’s movement.

The combination of vacuum therapy and Heather’s extensive knowledge of the lymphatic system come together to produce real results that are highly effective.

Increasing lymphatic output increases the immune system’s ability to detoxify the body and respond in a timely manner to all the stress put onto it.

Cumulative treatments will produce the best long term outcome but results are noticable even after your first session of this superior treatment.

Its important to understand how to effectively move lymph, and when NOT to work on this delicate system.

Contraindications for Lymphatic Drainage:

• Acute inflammation
• Malignant tumors
• Thrombosis or Phlebitis
• Major heart problems

Precautions for Lymphatic Drainage:

• Kidney problems
• Bronchial asthma
• Thyroid problems
• Chemotherapy
• First trimester of pregnancy
• Removed spleen (shorter session required to start)
• Menstruation

Single session
60 mins $90
90 mins $120
2 hours  $180*
* includes the face and extra cupping/massage cupping where therapeutically necessary.

3 week program
60 mins $255
90 mins $315

6 week program
60 mins $420
90 mins $600

The 3 or 6 week program packages are for those who want to commit to consecutive visits of at least once a week for 3 or 6 weeks, for the purpose of achieving the cumulative benefits of lymphatic drainage.

(There are little to no cupping marks left behind from this treatment.)

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