Therapeutic Massage

Whether you’re seeking out massage for luxury, stress relief, pain management, or injury rehabilitation, massage therapy can be a powerful addition to your health and lifestyle.

The massage therapists at The Massage Room use a combination of therapeutic techniques and appropriate pressures to deliver relaxing and personalized professional massage therapy.

The emotional benefits massage provides can be just as valuable as the physical benefits. Without a doubt, massage can help eliminate stress. This translates into

• better sleep
• decreased anxiety
• increased energy levels
• improved concentration
• improved circulation
• and reduced fatigue, just to name a few.

Each client will have a personal consultation to discuss your individual needs and goals. We want to know your likes, and your dislikes to ensure the most relaxing and therapeutic experience for you.

Every client is properly and professionally draped during their massage, with care taken to always ensure your complete comfort on our heated extra wide table, fitted in luxury linens.

Budgeting time and money for consistent bodywork is truly an investment in your physical and mental heath and well being.

Consider regular massage as a part of your lifestyle for the health and fluidity the body and mind thrive in.

60 minutes $90

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