Cupping Treatments

Whether you’ve had cupping before or are trying this therapy for the first time, I’d like to take you through what you can expect out of a cupping session at The Massage Room.

When you come in for a cupping treatment, I may use plastic cups that create suction with a hand pump, or glass cups that use a flame to create the vacuum. These cups are usually left ‘stationary’ while other cups, like silicone, are designed for gliding, or massage cupping.

Your session will begin with warm oil and medical grade silicone massage cups that comfortably glide over tight muscles of the back, or whichever area is being treated. This warms up and prepares the tissue for the deeper work of the stationary cups.

Usually when a potential client says to me, “I’ve had cupping before and it hurt”- it turns out every time that massage and massage cupping techniques were not used to properly warm up the area that we know is already very restricted and troubled. Massage cupping is not painful. It is a wonderful and luxurious preparation that really lifts and stretches the underlying fibers.

After the treatment area has been prepared, several cups are left parked on specific muscles and points, and left to sit there for a few minutes. Based on the discolorations that may surface, I can get an exact location of the more troubled, most adhered layers of tissue and develope the best treatment plan from there.

Whether continuously flowing suction along the back, or gentle lift and release techniques that are required over delicate areas of the neck and face, rapid circulation and healing is brought to the targeted area.

Another method of massage cupping at The Massage Room is the use of a vacuum therapy machine. Also known as MediCupping, this advanced bodywork machine allows for complete control and consistency of suction pressure, along with a wide variety of therapeutic techniques and applications, including a superior treatment for lymphatic drainage.

Every person will respond differently to cupping. The size and type of cup used at however gentle or strong of pressure will be determined by your individual needs. We then work together, communicating about the suction level of the cups applied, while the body deeply relaxes into the parasympathetic healing mode.

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