Cupping before & after care

Hydration is very important when it comes to cupping. You want to make sure you drink plenty of water both before and after your session to avoid dehydration and to help your body flush out.

Please do not come in for your cupping session on an empty stomach to avoid any nausea or dizziness. At the same time, don’t come in for your cupping session with a full stomach either; not only to avoid being uncomfortable, but also because your energy will be digesting instead of resting.

Avoid extreme heat or cold temperatures especially showers, steam, sauna, cryotherapy or even cold wind immediately following your treatment. The body is in a state of healing after your cupping session. To do so can cause spasm and/or overload.

Strenuous exercise is not recommended. In general, take it easy, rest and listen to your body.

Please do not come in for cupping if you are sick, dehydrated, visibly exhausted, starving, or depleted of energy. To do so can make you feel sick instead of amazing when you leave.

Again, and most importantly, avoid excessive heat, chill, draft and exercise for 4-6 hours post treatment. A warm salt bath the evening of treatment is okay and recommended for any possible soreness.

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