Contraindications for Cupping

Cupping Therapy is so amazing and beneficial, but there are times when cupping is not appropriate.

Contraindications for Cupping therapy are listed below:

• Broken bones and dislocations
• Hernias
• Slipped discs
• Organ failure
• Those undergoing cancer treatments
• Acute inflammation/brand new injury
• Acute stages of Psoriasis, Eczema or Rosacea
• Sunburned or ruptured skin
• Large areas of acne or inflamed skin
• High fever
• Pregnancy
• Those with liver/kidney functional illnesses
• Heart disease
• 3D Varicosities
• Systemic cancers
• Recent surgical incisions
• Those who are exhausted, depleted, dehydrated or starving.

Please Call Heather with any questions or concerns about the contraindications of cupping. 732-567-0145

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