Achieve Fluidity?

We do the best we can to manage it, but life hits us with a lot of stress that comes from many different angles. Whether it’s physical, emotional, surgical, situational or chronic stressors, the symptoms that result from it are usually all the same.

Stress hormones are produced and absorbed into our tissue. Inflammation is created, causing traffic jams in our body’s energy pathways. The lymphatic system becomes stagnant, and muscles, tight and restricted. Energy levels drop and restriction sets in.

So when I say “achieve fluidity”, I mean this quite literally. When we can increase the flow of oxygen, blood and lymph on a cellular level, this translates into nervous system relaxation and a stronger immune system. Faster muscle recovery time and increased range of motion for better overall flow for body and mind.

Feathers have deep meaning in my life for many reasons. In this case, the delicate feather symbolizes the subtle yet powerful current of energy throughout ourselves, flowing continually into the distinct mark of cupping; the therapy that has brought deep healing and rehabilitation to my family, my clients, and myself.

I owe credit to my talented son, Tyler, who brilliantly turned my vision into a photo realistic emblem that helps to convey the purpose of The Massage Room:

To reduce stress, detoxify muscles, move lymph, and relax the nervous system to achieve fluidity of mind, body, and life.

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