Massage Room Keyport

The body can achieve the fluidity it strives for when muscle tissues are functioning optimally.

But when soft tissue becomes stuck as a result of stress, dehydration, chronic inflammation, repetitive motion injuries or any other cause, full engagement of muscle function becomes hindered along with the surrounding areas overall health and flow.

The same applies when it comes to our skin. The build up of stress and stagnation within the delicate facial layers can affect much more than just our appearance.

The Massage Room offers the best in Therapeutic Cupping and Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage along with Vacuum Therapy Lymphatic Drainage and Professional Skin Care.

Our personalized therapy increases muscle performance, lymphatic flow, cell turnover, stress reduction, and restored fluidity through the energy pathways of the body. All in the comfort and privacy of a quiet, ambient studio.

Achieve Fluidity


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